Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Illuminae from Michelle McRae on Vimeo.

Illuminae is a thrilling page-turner. A Biotech company attacks the planet of Kerenza resulting in a mass evacuation of civilians. Kady and Ezra, who have just broken up, are among those fleeing in the rescuing ships. As the ships are pursued Kady begins to realise that they are not being told the complete truth. What ensues is a thrilling adventure.

What setsĀ Illuminae apart from other action/ adventure novels is the format of the story with the plot pieced together through email, surveillance reports, messaging transcripts etc. This makes it a little more difficult to read but also more rewarding. This is the first of a series and yet it did not disappoint with completion and a good set up for the next instalment.

Cognitive Challenge

Age recommendation: 13+