What we read and how we read shape both the way we think and who we are. This site brings together the latest research into adolescent literacy and reviews of YA literature. Reading is a cognitive journey with higher order thinking developing as increasingly complex books are read. Readers need to be fostered on this journey as they incrementally increase their reading repertoire. To this end the reviews featured here are specifically crafted for teachers and librarians in that they outline the plot and character points as well as the cognitive work required to read the novel, allowing for more guided recommendations.

Michelle McRae loves reading. She is a reader, writer, teacher and PhD candidate at Deakin University. She has taught primary and secondary students over the past ten years and written text books for low literacy secondary students. This focus on adolescent literacy has been continued in her research and creative writing. Michelle’s PhD thesis concerns YA literature and adolescent literacy and is comprised of both creative writing and critical research.